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1. I forgot my password.
Click on the "Forgot username/password" link at the top of the home page.

2. I forgot my username.
Click on the "Forgot username/password" link at the top of the home page.

3. How many points do I have?
To view the points you have in the system simply login with a valid username and password. Your available points will be displayed near the top of every page.

4. What are my points worth?
Your value of each point varies with the sponsor program. The simplest method of determining point value is to view individual products and the number of points required for redemption.

5. How do I become a member?
To become a member of Surveys.com you must become a part of Surveys.com’s market research panel, participate in surveys, and be awarded points The amount of points awarded along with what is required to earn them or be gifted them varies with each project.

6. Can I purchase points to make up the difference between what I have and what I need for certain product?
No, you must have sufficient points in your account to complete a transaction.

7. Who pays for shipping and handling?
In most cases standard shipping is included in the point redemption process. If you are responsible for any shipping or handling costs it will be clearly stated in the order process.

8. Do I have to use all my points on one purchase?
No, you can use all or part of your points. Any points left over will remain in your account.

9. For how long are my points valid?
Points are valid for 18 months from the date of issue.

10. I earned points but don’t see them in my profile?
Points earned are not registered in the program in real time. Automatic updates occur daily or weekly depending on how and when your points were earned.

11. How do I make product recommendations for the marketplace?
My Digital Rewards would love to hear from you regarding which products and services you would be most interested in. Please send your suggestions to customerservice@surveyrewardplace.com